Three down !!

Yes I reached the goal I was aiming for, till Thursday I had my doubts about it being possible because as soon as I would pick up my needle something would happen. My girl would need my attention (careful I am not complaining about it, I know it’s perfectly normal and she is easy-going nonetheless), the phone would ring, or I simply realized it was time to get the meal prepared. So I didn’t even do anything for a few days and onylg ot started Tuesday evening.

I only had 3 colors remaining. DMC’s 152, 318 and 648. I find those colors quite pale. Even if there were a lot of stitches to get done, the large bands of color can get done quite fast because you don’t have to switch colors all the time and you don’t have to stop and count every three stitches. But I must like contradicting myself because once I got to the part where stitches could be done with speed I was as if I was dragging my feet (hands lol). An overdose of pale colored xxxes on a side and on another my mind was elsewhere, wondering about next week.
So I didn’t really believe in the goal of finishing the third page especially because I still had one color to finsh and hadn’t even started the 318 on Wednesday evening. I started finding myself excuses like I the trip over to my parents’, the prepartion to the trip, and that I’ve been going out a lot the past week, so I wouldn’t have the time to finish knowing we’d be leaving Friday right after lunch. Yet, I wanted to do it ! And I did !

page 3

Sorry it’s Instagram today, we had already packed up the camera for our little trip to see my parents. So I used my cell-phone.

And here are two pictures for the price of one. Along with the bottom of the finished page here’s an overall view of what I’ve done so far. Even if there are 6 pages horizontally speaking, the ixt one only counts 53 stitches whereas the five other pages have an average of 85 xxxes. Does that help you imagine the actual length ?

3 pages

Even if this weekend I’ve left my fabric and floss at home, being hospitalized will allow me to catch up the weekend easily if I feel like it. Enjoy your weekend and see you next week !


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