Thank you

I know this will look simple, but I am going to write this article anyways to thank you. I wasn’t planning on posting anything today, but I had a nice surprise when I logged on to my blog this morning. I had notifications showing me yesterday had been a record-breaking day concerning the number of views and visits, but also for the amount of times people pressed the « like » button for the article I published yesterday. So thanks to you all for those statistics.

thank you

That successful article  was the response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge of the week : Symbol. And that’s what I’m the most grateful for, it’s an article about something so personal  that was the most popular of the blog. It’s the one that had the most likes in a single day too. I also had nice and touching comments.

Right now we live in a world where we hear a lot of people criticizing the Internet, people are labelled as being geeks (when what is meant is nolife, I don’t like the misuse of the word geek… but that’s another story), we talk about all the wrong things that can come about because of the Internet. But it has actually brought me a lot. The man I share my life with, the father of my beautiful and adorable girl, the man who was a rock I needed when I was deep down at the beginning of the year with my health issues.

I know I haven’t won an Oscar. I know it isn’t Thanks Giving either. I have almost reached the 140 views, I have had only about thirty « likes ». But each comment, every click showing me someone took some of his or her time to look at a picture I took or even took some more time to read the words I wrote along with that picture, touches me. Thanks.

PS : Vive la France ! It’s our National Holiday today, so those of you who will be enjoying it, do so for me too please, I won’t be seeing any fireworks because Elianor and I are staying home tonight.


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