Progress on June 6th 2015

The goal I set for myself last week was to get the leaves done. And I reached it !

Avancée 06 juin 2015 leaves & branches

To be honnest what I secretly earned for was to finish the page, but that would require too much time. Especially knowing that the leaves and branches are composed of a lot of different colors and that I have spent most of my weekend doing just that : giving a shape to those leaves, the branch and its twigs. But because I had the whole week to myself – let’s not forget I do have my 14 months old daughter with me – I could get more stitching done. And here’s some evidence.

Avancée 06 juin 2015 highlighter

What, the picture of the pattern isn’t good enough ? But you can see where I was after the first picture. I changed the highlighter after taking the picture first of all because I had seen enough of the first one’s color and second because I wanted to be able to look back at the pattern and see a difference even if I would only stitch a couple of crosses for every color of floss I was using.
Once I had done with all of the numerous changes for the leaves I only had those large stripes of color in the background to deal with. I’ll never say it enough, it is so easy and fast to get that bit done. You don’t waste your time cupping the floss, threading it, getting it stuck behind the fabric, counting, sticking it back again before cutting it again, changing the color and starting that every x or two.Time simply flies by all of a sudden.

Avancée 06 juin 2015 vraie

So that was the picture of where I actually am now. Yes, there’s more to it than what the second picture showed. Du coup voici une photo d’où j’en suis vraiment. Ah oui, j’ai plus avancé que ce que montrait la deuxième photo. The past week was a good one time-wise thanks to the long naps (Little Miss needed to recuperate after lack of sleep from the week before that her 7th tooth popped out), and also because twice this week I was up before Little Miss woke up, xxxes have been following each other faster than I knew and realized. I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself when I say I will have started the fourth page next week.


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