Progress on April 4th 2015

It has been a while I didn’t update my progress on my great cross stitch project because I haven’t done any in a while. It’s hard to find time for little pleasures when you have a young child and my list of little pleasures is unfortunately a long one. So I have my periods and the cross stitch one just started again.

Last time I was at the beginning of the third page. If you are curious here’s the last article I wrote on my old blog that I have left untouched when I stuck my work in progress in a drawer. Instead of trying to deal with two blogs at the same tume I’ll simply add one more topic on this one.
If you aren’t curious here’s a picture of what the famous beginning of the third page looked like.

18-page-3If you don’t know what I mean about « beginning of the third mage » it’s because I’m talking about about the third page of the pattern I’m stitiching which represents a unicorn in woods. The whle pattern fits in 24 pages.

I want to stick with the habit I had of sharing my progress every Saturday. And wow, we’re Saturday ! So if you have been listening, you got it right I’m going to give you a idea of where I’m at now.

avancée 4 avril smallI went to the right-hand side of the page and started getting some more done on the left side. If you only take that bit done on the left there are more than ten colors ine there. It doesn’t look like it (especially that the focus of the picture isn’t on that area), but it is true.

See you soon for another teaser of my progress and have a nice weekend !


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