Progress on April 11th

Two job interviews, both 40 km away from home. Easter weekend. Enjoying the suns return and going out everyday. Skypes with my sister, talking about cross stitch and familiy and her coming to France. So many excuses of why I did write at all on the blog. But after a week of silence I’m back. Because even if I was silent I found time to get some little xxxes done.

Avancée 11.04

Unlike last time I had large areas where colors rarely changed so I got this done fast. I didn’t need to count and could enjoy and relax doing cross stitch after long charged days.

I have to confess I did keep on going some more after I took this picture But I didn’t have the time (and didn’t want) to take another picture. Because I want to impress you all with my progress next week. Actually I was also thinking of taking a picture of the whole work so we could see everything I’ve done up to now.

Have a nice weekend all of you ! ❤


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