Progress on 30th May 2015

Before I started working at the junior high school I still had a little time to keep on working. I finished the line and do another 200 xxxes of the next line. I know that does quite mean anything to you, but I didn’t take any pictures because I never got down to it. So here’s a reminder of where I was last time we parted.

Avancée 18.04 après hôpital


I forgot to show you what the model looks like. I have highlighted the pages I have worked on so far. In green you’ve got the part that hasn’t been completed yet. I still have a lot of work in front of me as you can see. But I am still as motivated I must say.

wood unicorn 25.04

Since I have started working, for the last month, I managed finishing the line and started the one under it but as a « forest rebel ». I have no idea where that phrase comes from, but that’s what I spontaneously said when I decided to continue working on the leaves instead of starting a new line.
Sometimes change is good, I like being spontaneous too and I wanted something more natural. I had always worked like that, following patches of color and shapes. When I began working on this project that’s what I was doing : I had started by working on the branches, leaves and the tree trunk. But one small mistake got a whole bunch of stitches wrong and I had to undo the amount of two hours of work.
That’s when I started working in a more traditional way, following lines and columns, which would help me avoid making mistakes like that again. But as you know : « the leopard can’t change its spots ».

So this is where I am at now. I didn’t have that much time to progress on the leaves, but I am proud none the less, because I like seeing the shapes of the leaves revealing themselves, standing out on the white background, it changes from those perfect little square shapes I have been seeing for too long.

Avancée 30.05.2015

See you next week for the update on the progress of the unicorn. Till then, good week to all of you !


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