New SAL’s first goal

It’s already Wednesday so here we are for the pictures of our first goal of our SAL, which remains a mystery one to you all. Noone even tried guessing what it is we might be doing, maybe that this picture will give ideas to some of you as to what the theme or the pattern is ?

Fall SAL Goal 1 Didine

Dine’s version ~ La version de Dine

We haven’t done the backstitches yet, we’ll only add them on at the end when doing all of the backstitches because there are others to do on other parts. Before I didn’t like doind that, it was long for no reasn I’d think, but now that I have done some a different occasions I must say it gives depth to a simple chart, reveals details and I am actually unhappy to show you a picture without the backstitches.

Fall SAL Goal 1

My version ~ Ma version.

Even if we didn’t have to use all of the colors for this first goal, we spoke about the ones we chose and we have picked out the same or very similar ones sometimes ; it’s funny because there is a whole range and all sorts of shades of colors with DMC floss. Apparently our tastes concerning hobbies isn’t the only taste we have in commom with my sis.


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