Goal # 2

Hey everyone !

I hope you enjoyed the past week. We had a lot to be done and it went by fast, too fast. Actually the more we were going through it, the faster it would go and the weekend went by in no time. We changed time on sunday in France and it made the feeling of « losing time » stronger because we actually « sprung foward ».

I don’t know if you tagged along with me in my game ? I lived up to my goal every day, I don’t know if I managed making someone happy but the desire to was definately there, I’m not sure poeple saw every gesture or smile I sincerely wish they did.
I was really looking foward to making Elianor happy this past weekend but at the end of the day I can’t tell which one of us was the happiest because with the visits we had, the gifts offered etc. it felt I was the one being treated. Well, it was more like the « pleasure of making someone happy » a spiral of positivity, joy and pleasure.

Goal # 2 : Appreciate the little things you’ll come across during the day.

This weekend was living proof I need a goal like that one, once everyone had left saturday I was zonked out. Sunday morning I still hadn’t done the dishes. There was so much energy saturday and I really enjoyed my afternoon, but then it’s was like nothing was left and I dragged along yesterday. I don’t want to miss out on little things because I am preoccupied with other or bigger stuff.

Wishing you all a nice week !


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