Goal # 1

I have been having all sorts of desires and ideas lately. The last being : setting goals to myself every week. Accomplish something every day for a week.

Goal # 1 : Treat someone else than yourself today. 

Who has never liked recieving a gift ? Who doesn’t like to treat oneself from time to time ? « Pleasure » brings up so much for me that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. The idea of it appeal to all of my senses because there are so many and various types of pleasures. But there’s the thing, it’s something I only bring back to myself.

Last tuesday we went to the rest home to see Monsieur’s grandma. As I was going to go out there was this elderly woman who was blocking the exit with her wheelchair. When I walked towards her I was actually aiming for the exit, I thought she was going to move aside but her age and condition were such than she was very slow. She held out her hand towards me and I gave her mine because I didn’t dare push the wheelchair.
Her smile and the pressure of her hand on mine made me feel bad because I realized how much she seemed happy with this contact. I thought I hadn’t pushed the wheelchair because it’s something you can’t do, but I somehow had the realization that I had only seen her as an obstacle which blocked the way out. And she had spontaneously held out her hand to me and smiled to me.

So what I’d like to do is give joy to someone else than my person. Because that granny sitting in front of the door didn’t judge me as being the one who made her move. Because she held out her hand when I wanted to step aside. If I met her again today I’d smile at her, sincerely, not with that tense and polite smile I usually put on in the old people’s home. Because for her a smile was good enough to make her happy that day.

Do you think you made someone happy today ?Do you intend to ? Don’t hesitate to share your ideas or desires like I did.


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