First note

note d'ouverture

Let me introduce this blog briefly to you, or at least the idea I have of it and the goal I am striving for. To do so I’m going to give you a general picture : my life is something long, morose and dull. I am asked so often « What’s up? » that I have come to hate that question. Nothing new has happened. Nope. Not since the day before yesterday. Sorry if my life is less than fascinating ! My daughter is going to turn one soon so for the moment I answer « I’m preparing the birthday party. Can’t wait to be there. » But I have to admit that having to repeat myself to different people, or speaking of the progress of the birthday party is tiring. ~ First click ~

Lately things got a little hectic, tearing into my easygoing little life. I went through twists and turns. They do happen from to time. I am of the emotional type and those twists and turns or ups and downs are often connected my emotional life, my being overwhelmed with emotions because I wallow in my dull life, never say anything, keep everything bottled up and one day it ends up by all coming out, like the last straw (that broke the camel’s back). ~ Second click ~

But what assailed me lately  were also events occuring in my man’s life. Because even if we are living a nice peaceful life what affects one affects the other too. ~ Third click ~

And it made me want to write. Ok, my life is not fascinating but to qualify it of being morose ?  It’s that I have a problem I must deal with. I have always liked writing and assisting to weird – or even incredible – situations lately made me want to write, to share. And that is how was born the idea of the blog last night. And I thought that acting on a whim wouldn’t hurt me, it’s exactly what I need at this point in my life.

This morning, the idea had time to evolve into a project, I slept on it. Instead of writing in a « journal » type blog where I’d share the latest events of my life, I want to share a moral with my stories. Not simply share and sum up my life and how my day went, but share what I learned from what life made me experience, in order to make notes to myself or even to those curious enough to stick around and read what I want to share. Because if there is one thing life allows us to do, it’s learning thanks to our personal history, our experiences.

Note to myself : Being spontaneous will prevent something regular to become dull. 

P.S. : The picture is of the Gorges du Tarn, Aveyron, France. It is not mine.


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