A new SAL

Hey everyone !

We’re Wednesday and I’m going to talk cross stitch ! It’s not that I lack ideas, but rather time. I like taking my time to write articles and I’m going to start taking it again to start writing regularly. But for now I want to talk cross stitch. More precisely of a SAL.

~ What is a « SAL » ? ~
It’s an abreviation for Stitch-a-long. Several people get togethr and get the same chart done together. A deadline and a goal are given and everyone does their homework for D Day.

My sister and I both like x-stitching and we agreed that it’d be nice to take a break from what we are doing individually (we both have big and long projects on the go) thanks to something else, and that it’d be great doing a SAL together. So we chose a theme and then a pattern matching the first.
Because I don’t want to spoil the pleasure of letting you discover what we’ll be doing I won’t tell you what it is we are doing and will simply show you every Wednesday the goal we had to do for that day. So for you it will be a « mystery SAL » (when the person in charge gives the chart as you go along, so you don’t know when you sign up what you’re actually going to end up with), but that’s okay because I know what I’m doing, I’m just curious to see if someone will be able to guess what I’ll be doing. 😉

Because we’re giving ourselves weekly goals, because we have lots of ideas as of what to stitch and because we want to take a break of those big project of ours we decided to start out with something small that will probably only last a month. This morning I got all of my stuff out, chose a 35 count fabric and found what DMC colors I’ll be using. I also took a bit of time to set the layout of my work zone, which allows me to have a visual 10 stitch mark so I’ll know where I am easily.

Ready for the First Pouet-pouet sisters' SAL

I’ll be stitching 2 on 2 instead of the usual 1 I do with my unicorn because this chart is small to begin with but also because I need to do things differently.

So I’ll see next week with the picture of the goal. Even with the picture you won’t necessarily guess what we’re doing, but I like daring you to find it knowing that the colors are the only clue you actually have. Good luck to those who’ll dare and guess.


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