Second WPC – Vivid

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: « Vivid. »

Because I like this subject so much, I decided to share another set of pictures around this week’s theme.

19.10 Elianor & Maman 1She was still six months old on this one. Now she’s going on fifteen. She says a few words « chat » (cat in French) being her favorite one. She takes a few steps on her own or will walk if we take one of her hands. She’s also developped some character, imitates us more and more, shows us what she wants, will let us know what she does not want.
When I look at the picture vivd works for both the light and the memories of when we went to the Meditarrean sea with a friend and his kids for a few days.

11.10 Rodez by night 4We had to zoom a lot for this one so the quality is so so. But you’ve got a zoomed in view from our balcony. It’s the cathedral of the city we now live in : Rodez in Aveyron, France. The view is much prettier at night, when the colors of all the buildings fade away and that lighting comes on. The cathedral is lit up and when it’s really late (or actually early in the morning) some lights in the streets are turned of, as in most of the houses and appartments, so the cathedral really stands out. I have only seen that a few times and never got down to take a picture of it. Shame on me. ~


Last but not least, a picture of one of our two cats. They both love staying & sleeping in the sun. When I was going to take the picture of her napping she stood up all of sudden, a bird was chirpping on the balcony and it had her full attention. Good thing for the bird that a window was seperating them.

Wondering about my first entry for this week’s theme ? Follow the link.

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