Daily Post’s photo challenge – Blur

In response to The Daily Post’s photo challenge: « Blur. »

I have always wanted to get good « blurry » pictures and that’s one of the first kind of pictures I tried taking when we first invested in what I thought an awesome camera. A bridge. A reflex camera was but a dream at that time; not just budgetwise, we also wanted to be sure we knew basics before investing money in cameras. I didn’t even realize the difference there were between both those cameras. I just had so many ideas and was eager to put all of them into practise. « Blur » was one of those many ideas.


As we got to use the camera and got familiar with it, saw that we loved taking wals around Strasbourg for the love of taking pictures we started looking into upgrading our material. And eventually we did invest in our very first reflex. A Canon 500D. The say we recieved it we both took tons of random pics in the appartment.


I thought we had learned so much. But we still had a lot to learn. I mean, I didn’t even know what RAW was, it took me a month when looking on the Internet to learn about that. So you can see one of our cats staring at Sylvain who was working on a computer. Blur in the front and in the back. Higher quality. Gosh I was so proud of was is such an ordinary picture.
I’m actually glad I got to show this one, thanks for this week’s challenge Daily Post !


So after a month, research on the Internet, I went out there so confident. And once again… was disappointed. Photography clearly is an art and one has to practise it to get good at it. I’m still … bad at it. Because I have all these great ideas, saw so many good quality pictures.
Anyhow, I’ll keep on practising and learning for sure. And although I am far from being good at it, I still enjoy going out, looking for a model, or stay at home and take tons of pictures of my baby girl.


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  5. Practice, practice, practice and have a lot of fun while practicing. That is what’s important. As an amateur and recent photography enthusiast I am having a great time just playing with the camera. Enjoy the process. I look forward to seeing more of your craft!

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    • You are so right, playing with the camera allows us to learn what is nice or what you shouldn’t do. Playing also surprised me once or twice because some settings turn out being weird just like that, but the final result was nice to my eye.

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