Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – 2015 Week #13

Hey y’all it’s me again for Cee’s odd ball challenge !

I was so looking foward to participating a second time to this photo challenge because it’s such a fun one which allows you to look at « random » pictures in such a new and interesting way. And not just your owns, there are lots of links in the comments on Cee’s page that you can follow and I spend lots of time skipping from blog to blog to discover unusual and fun pictures.

My entry for this week is another old picture that goes back to when we lived in Strasbourg. We were celebrating the 140th anniversary of a hat store. The hat store is called Chapellerie Clerff Fraikin. Stores like those are becoming more and more rare, it was a true victory for the owner to celebrate the 140th anniversary, local newspaper talked about it, we had a fashion show to show all sorts of hats she has. But seasonal and good quality hats aren’t the only products sold. You can find walking canes, umberellas, pins for you hats, scarves (either the heavy woolen type for winter and lighter silk ones you can wear whenever you want to), gloves. Bascially all those accessories you need when you go out and want to be dressed properly.

This shop actually opened when people always wore a hat when they went out. That tradition is now long-gone, but it was a nice one. If one day I go by Strasbourg, France again I sure will stop by there. The shop owner is a very nice woman, I am fond of the history behind that place and, well, you know, the woman in me never has enough accessories.


Now, getting back to the subject there are different « odd ball » parts for me in this pic. Having one umberella among walking sticks. Having different types of colors (I mean leopard for a walking cane makes me want to write lol). Seeing one handle turned to the right whan all the other ones are turned to the left.
I actually get a sense of symetry and pattern coming out from the picture. And I like how randmoness is not so random after all.


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