Daily Post’s writing prompt – Weaving the Threads

Today’s Daily Post’s writing prompt : « Weaving the Threads. » Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them by including the same item — an object, a symbol, a place — in each part.

As the sun was rising all the boy could do was stare at the waves. The colors in the sky were of so many shades and tones but waves had their own variation of shades too. And you could hear them, and even feel them if you were brave enough to try so. He blinked. He had never thought of tasting a wave, was foam as salty as sea water ?

A southern wind was blowing that day, promise of nice weather. Her garden would be the best place to be, but that was if she managed to get rid of all of those weeds. She stretched herself out, another gust of wind went by and she raised her face upwards, appreciating every single moment. The waves in her hair swirled around her face. This was happiness.

As the train was leaving the station, she pulled out her diary from her bag. As she opened it she saw something move to her left, she turned her head and blushed. A wave of the hand and a smile, that would do it, hopefully. But her mom didn’t give up and continued gesticulating, wishing her teenaged girl the very best of trips.


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