The Daily Post’s writing prompt – Hello, Goldilocks!

Today’s Daily Post’s writing prompt is « Hello, Goldilocks!. » Write about a time you had a Goldilocks experience, exploring different choices and finally arriving at “just right.”


Last year we invested in a new camera and I pick it up rarely, too intimidated by all the options, choices and then all the settings one has to deal with to take one simple picture. Recently, I’ve been trying to get the camera out more often, to push myself to take a few shots. Obviously they won’t be perfect, of course I still have loads to learn and it’s not by hiding behind my fear of taking bad shots, of not getting the right settings that I’m going to be able to get any better at this.

So there I was the other day, taking a step on our balcony, looking for the right subject for a short series of pictures. And the lilac tree caught my eye. (Is this sounding familiar ? Maybe because you took a look at my proposal of the weekly photo challenge – Fresh ?) I took a few steps towards the lilac tree, aiming for those fresh buds. Then took a step to the left, finally came back to where I first was trying to get the perfect spot. Not only was I aiming for the buds, but I wanted to have the contrast of the wall behind it too. So I get all Goldilocks, trying to find the right position.

But Miss Goldilocks didn’t stop with the chairs, she also went for the soup if I remember things correctly. And I suppose that when I get all Goldilocks, I do it properly. So as I was postionning myself correctly, I then I had to take my shot and had to zoom in quite a lot. Only one or two buds were visible and the wall was just a blurry color in the background. Realizing I had zoomed in too much, I then had to zoom out a little, to get just the right amount of buds and enough of the reddish colors of the stones making the wall in the background.

So now I had sat and eaten, all I needed was a nice bed to lie down in. Metaphorically speaking. So after finding my position, getting the settings as I wanted them to be, I went for it and took different shots. There was only one thing left to do : go check it all out.

And that’s how I came up with shots that seemed « just right » for the new weekly photo challenge. Which made them feel even more « right ».


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