The Daily Post’s writing prompt – Whoa!

Today The Daily Post’s writing prompt is : « Whoa!. » What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had ?


Have you ever had that feeling of being misunderstood by everyone ? Sometimes one can moan and groan about it, some people will even talk to themselves, mumbling in frustration. When I was a kid, I’d confide in my guinea pig. And one day he answered back to me !

We had this supposed-to-be sandbox in our yard, two of the four parts would nest in the other two, so it held together. Each part was a wall of a castle and each wall had its own color there was red, blue, green and yellow. It wasn’t used as a sandbox (you’d have to put something under the castle so your sand wouldn’t spill all over the ground). We had it on our grass and would put the guinea pig – who went by the name of Fred – in it, so he could enjoy nice fresh air, grass and dandelions.

So this one day I was outside hanging around Fred, sitting in the grass, mumbling in frustration about how miserable and difficult my life could be. You know : having to go to school, dealing with homework, dealing with parents who want you to get your homewrok done before you went out to play or watched a bit of TV, and what was up with that crazy rule of not watching the TV when you had school the next day ? Life was as hard as it could get ! « Do you realize how hard my life is? » I asked him. It was purely rhetorical, kind of like the first question I asked you.

If you happen to be the happy and lucky owner of a guinea pig or if you have ever had the chance of being one, you know what their cute little squeaky sound is like. And that day as I was sitting there complaining I heard « Si, si, siii ». Which is a form of our « yes » in French. I was so surprised I actually continued talking. It only lasted a short time, before I came back to my senses, knowing he had only squeaked. But for a minute, my guinea pig had spoken to me.


I have had different weird or surreal experiences. This one is one of the oldest I remember and I felt like sharing the spontaneous interpretation I had that day. I love those genuine and naive responses children have especially knowing that they usually have nothing to do with what’s happening around them. I laugh when looking back at that memory, hope it made you smile.

P.S. : The model in the picture is actually Mufasa and not Fred. Mufasa was the last guinea pig we had.


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