♫♪ Happy Birthday ♪♫

And voilà my baby is 1 year old now. Since 01.08 AM. Well I do have another whole year to count her age in months so it’s ok she’s still my baby girl. That’s all I had to say this morning… Yes, I am serious. I feel like staying with my baby but I still have lots to get done before her little birthay party tomorrow afternoon like preparing the cupcakes. Everything has to be perfect.
And I’ve got to get my homemade pizzas dough done too, and that’s for tonight. My parents will arrive after a 6 and a half hour drive. Ain’t that a great birthday gift ? Ok, she won’t remember it. But I will. I’ll have stories to tell her, memories to share with my family, pictures to show her.

You sure have got that I’m gaga over my girl by now. And I’m proud of that ! Speaking of which I’m sorry but I’ve got a My Little Pony banner to hang with Papa. The more I stay here the more I might get into a « how much time flies » or a « how unconditional the love we feel for our baby is » speach.

Enjoy your day and the coming weekend… I’ll come back soon enough.

Note for myself : It’s not because someone doesn’t realize what you’re doing for him / her that you shouldtake that excuse to not do it. Happiness, memories are priceless.


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